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For a website to come on top of the Google search results, it must load fast enough to make the visitor wait less time to see your site. So Website wordpress optimizationload speed is one of the main quality your site must possess for better search engine ranking. To know more about WordPress optimization and basics of wordpress, read What is wordpress article from Go Harsh! Tech blog.

There are many score standards to check page load speed of your website, Some of them are Google’s own Page Load speed checker, Yslow score from yahoo, GTmetrix score etc.

There are lot of factors which affects the load speed of a website. We must optimize many things to improve the load speed of a website. Some of them are:

  • Using CDN ( content delivery network ) **
  • Caching **
  • Minification of HTML, CSS, JS etc.wordpress optimization
  • Using Image Sprite
  • Less DNS Lookups
  • Enabling Gzip compression
  • Using Expiry headers
  • and More

You can check page load speed of to know about our work.

We have optimized this site to get 97-98 YSlow score, 97-98 Google Page speed score, 95-96 GTmetrix score. ( Tests ran on YSlow, Google page speed add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers and using Online Google Page Load speed checker. )

Check your Page load speed using

We optimize your site to give the best possible site load speed from your WordPress site/blog. We promise a Huge improvement of page load speed score up to 60% enhancement. If you have any doubt about WordPress Site load speed optimization. Contact us.

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